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The 'bio' strand of groworld is about gardening. About revegetation of urban environments, growing your own food, reconnecting rural and urban situations in ways that replenish, rather than deplete their environments.

bio projects: seedballing workshops, urban permaculture, the institute for augmented ecology

Within bio, we explore different methods and techniques for eco-system gardening and wholistic design through which we can cultivate not only plants, but also a greener, more participatory human culture. We want to transform our cities into edible landscapes for all their inhabitants, regardless of their species or social status. We learn from Fukuoka, Mollison, Holmgren and other less known, but none less knowledgeable gardeners. From seedballing to permaculture, from roofs to keyholes, we exchange experiences and experiment with gardening on a variety of scales, habitats and soils.

"Gardening will emerge as one of the major economic forces of resistance" -Hakim Bey

related events

Seedballing at Micronomics

2010-05-01 11:00 Europe/Brussels
2010-05-01 14:00 Europe/Brussels

Klorofil, OKNO and FoAM work together on a seedballing workshop in Brussels, as a part of the Micronomics Festival.

Since 2006, City Mine(d) devote themselves to the issue of economic paradoxes in Brussels. Under the banner Micronomics, they look for answers at the micro scale. They have brought together a wealth of micro-initiatives, who are actively building an urban micro-economy that is fair to those who take part in it and that is at the heart of the way our cities are shaped.

Workshop Guerilla Gardening: Seedbombs

2010-07-02 18:00 Europe/Brussels
2010-07-02 21:00 Europe/Brussels

In collaboration with FoAM, Recyclart is organising a seed-bombing workshop.

Analogous to kneading of dough, the participants learn how to create a fertile paste including thousands of seeds (herbs, bushes, shrubs & ground covers), that can work together to form a self-sustaining plant guild. Recyclart invites people of all ages to discover the urban ecologists in themselves.

The workshop will be repeated on the 16th of July and 5th of August.

More information:,en/

Autumn Harvest Dinner

2010-10-15 15:00 Europe/Brussels
2010-10-15 22:00 Europe/Brussels

As autumn ripens, nature and its resources are slowly turning inwards, preparing for the seasonal rest.

This is a good time for various works in the city gardens - preparing plants and soil for the winter, harvesting the yield of the year and planning next steps for the coming spring.

groWorld Bazaar at Pixelache 2011

2011-03-10 10:00 Europe/Helsinki
2011-03-13 18:00 Europe/Helsinki

//Pixelache - groWorld Bazaar, Helsinki, March 10 to 13, 2011

During 4 days in March 2011(10/03 – 13/03) FoAM presented a groWorld
Bazaar at Pixelache festival, using the Aronia Melanocarpa (Chokeberry)as a common connection to bring together game designers, gardeners,electronics experimenters and urban foragers with a set of hands-on-workshops, discussions and experiments.

March 10th

Production Landscapes; ‘Grow your own’

2011-04-12 15:00 GMT-1
2011-04-12 20:00 GMT-1

Production Landscapes; ‘Grow your own’

We have a myriad of environmental challenges facing us, especially in regards to food production, and its relationship to the city. If we start to see food as a language, and as a form of communication, could this be an initial step towards creating resilient cities. Our food systems are shaped by culture, climate, geography, our human interactions, life quality, and pleasure. Food is thus a measure of: Sustainability, Life quality, State of the ecosystem and Cultural identity.

Pop up Park

2011-05-28 11:00 GMT+2
2011-06-12 17:00 GMT+2

Pop-up Park,

design your own park.

This festival is aimed at designing a public garden or park with local residents under guidance of 4 experts. The garden in question is located behind the Meester coupeur opleiding on one side and the Jan Evertsenstraat on the other side. (It is located at the same square as FoAM's edible garden.)

Rainforest Etiquette

2011-10-16 00:00 GMT+2

FoAM is organising and hosting a lecture by Suprabha Seshan. She is the spokesperson of the Gurukula Botanic Sanctuary in Kerala India. At the rainforest sanctuary local tribal women are trained to become parataxonomists and ecosystem gardeners. Through their work over 20 years Suprabha and the team have seen human pressure, demands and damage on the rainforest increase. She will speak on several topics including the failure of environmental education. The forest needs a particular type of support if it is to survive at all.

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