Pop up Park

2011-05-28 11:00 GMT+2
2011-06-12 17:00 GMT+2

Pop-up Park,

design your own park.

This festival is aimed at designing a public garden or park with local residents under guidance of 4 experts. The garden in question is located behind the Meester coupeur opleiding on one side and the Jan Evertsenstraat on the other side. (It is located at the same square as FoAM's edible garden.)

In 4 design sessions participants are invited to join the design process centred on 4 themes: urban farming with farmer Dirk van Berge, urban fauna with city ecologist Maarten Melchers, garden economies with Fransje de Waard and recycling / sourcing local materials with 2012 Architects. (some to be confirmed)

festival blog: http://popuppark.posterous.com/