gRig Froesjels

2009-10-29 18:00 Europe/Brussels
2009-10-31 23:59 Europe/Brussels

FoAM, nadine & gRig (the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators) a society of people exploring the realities emerging from mixing art, science and technology, organise gRig Froesjels, a celebration of mixed realities and the Guild's annual meeting.

During the last three days of October 2009, the Guild will host a public gathering, gRig Froesjels, a chance to encounter gRig members, funders & fans, as well as experience some of the Guild's works.

The event will begin on 29 October with a series of events focusing on mixing physical and digital realities – an exhibition and a bazaar, including experimental works from esteemed European artists and artisans.

On 30 October, the Guild will hold its formal reception in the ancient halls of the Guild of Saint Georges. The reception will be accompanied by gRig’s gastronomic refreshments, followed by a talk by Maja Kuzmanovic, gRig's co-ordinator and the premiere of Viriditas, a new musical composition by Stevie Wishart, with Penelope Turner, soprano, specially commissioned for this unique event.

31st of October will begin with the Data Ecologies seminar, about mixing real and abstracted systems. In the evening, gRig Froesjels will conclude with a costumed All Hallow's Eve. In this spirited closure of the events, gRig is summoning its past, present and future members to Toone, a quirky puppet theatre in the centre of Brussels.

gRig Froesjels will provide ample time for meeting old & new reality integrators and generators, as well as froesjeling over gRig's specially designed food & drinks.


cyland video

A short overview of the evening prepared for Cyland.

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