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f0amfr0th is a series of events organised by FoAM and whoever happens to be visiting the organisation. The events have an open format that can range from a theoretical talk to chill out rooms, from improvised networked performances to orchestrated bio-chemical experiments. Spontaneity, improvisation and informality are keywords that will grant access to this programme to the public and anyone interested in the process of working in the field of art and technology.

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Public Diet: Recipes for Disaster

2008-11-13 19:00 Europe/Brussels
2008-11-13 22:00 Europe/Brussels

Recipes for Disaster
A feasibility dinner for sustained sustenance...

Artists, cultural organisations and members of the assorted cultural proletariat are invited to a potluck dinner and round table conversation on nutrition, catering and survival in the art world and the cultural sphere.

f0amfr0th01: Litha

2003-07-21 07:01 Europe/Brussels

"There is no night in my land.... it is forever summer's twilight" -- Lady Titania

f0amfr0th08: Infernal Noise

2005-07-14 12:00 Europe/Brussels

f0amfr0th08: Infernal Noise, with Postworld Industries' Infernal Noise Brigade and Filastine. 14 July 2005, FoAM Lab, Koolmijnenkaai 30-34, B-1080 Brussels.

f0amfr0th09: Man - Horse

2008-01-04 17:30 Europe/Brussels

To celebrate (or perhaps invoke) its fertility, we will kick-off 2008 in a `down to earth' way. Our first event of the year will be the screening of Audrius Mickevicius' documentary about farmer Jonas and his horse. Jonas is one of the few remaining examples of the nearly extinct "Man – Horse" generation. A generation based on the existential relationship, a symbiosis of sorts, between the human and the animal.

We invite you to join us for the screening and a drink:

What: f0amfr0th09: Man - Horse
When: Friday, 4 January 2008, 17:30

f0amfr0th02: Interfaces imagined

2003-07-19 20:30 Europe/Brussels

f0amfr0th 02: Imagine the interfaces between the corporeal and the digital environments, in 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade, 1 century. Come and share your wishes, plans and musings in an informal setting with FoAM, Code 31 and their esteemed guests. Jonah Brucker-Cohen (MIT Media Lab Europe, Ireland), Katherine Moriwaki (University of Dublin, Ireland) and Stephen Barrass (CSIRO, Australia) will be presenting their work and ideas, accompanied by a musical and gastronomic 'Aperitivo'.

f0amfr0th03: surface tension

2003-08-23 20:00 Europe/Brussels

Swollen from months of breathing hot summer air, FoAM and Code 31 mark the end of the holiday season with a celebration of 'surface tension', the inflatable, the blown-up, the puffed-out and amplified space, contained within (hot-air) baloons, portable pools, inflatable architecture, inflatable clothing, soap bubbles, airy sounds, fizzy drinks, artificial muscles and pneumatic interfaces. The swelling party includes new installations and minute performances fresh from our summer labs, topical nourishment in media and matter, and the kick-start of the autumn season.

f0amfr0th04: KREV de-auguration of the Temporary Embassy

2003-12-13 20:00 Europe/Brussels

The de-auguration of the Temporary Embassy of KREV in Brussels.

f0amfr0th05: Bombing from within

2004-05-01 20:00 Europe/Brussels

Mayday celebration in ost.europa style. Associated with the offf04 festival. 01 May 2004, FoAM, Brussels, Belgium

f0amfr0th06: Antepodeans

2004-05-14 18:00 Europe/Brussels

2 presentations from FoAM's artists in residence from 'down-under', with a gastronomic degustation of 'native foods' from Australasia;

Radioqualia (Honor Harger): Sonifying Space: Creating Radio Astronomy

Rachael Tempest and Lucas Chirnside: softBomb.

as part of OFFF04

Sonifying Space: Creating Radio Astronomy
Author: Honor Harger
Organisation: r a d i o q u a l i a

f0amfr0th07: inflatable meeting room

2004-12-04 02:00 Europe/Brussels

From the pneumatic turmoil of the tension workshop a shiny airtight meeting room suited for anyone from ordinary folks to inflated executives, is part of a show at Looking Glass. The silvery plastic film houses the bodies and heads of three people at a time for an intimate meeting in the shared chamber. This triangular starfish evolved out of the experiments of Linda Karlsson. Her inflated costumes started to swallow-up more and more people, duos and eventually trios.

f0amfr0th11: On Beerology

2009-04-17 17:00 Europe/Brussels
2009-04-17 22:00 Europe/Brussels

FoAM and The guild for Reality Integrators and Generators (gRig) invite you to a frothy evening dedicated to the culture, science and sensory experimentation with beer. This f0amfr0th promises to become an adventure through zymurgy and beerology, lost and found traditions, techniques and ingredients.

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