f0amfr0th07: inflatable meeting room

2004-12-04 02:00 Europe/Brussels

From the pneumatic turmoil of the tension workshop a shiny airtight meeting room suited for anyone from ordinary folks to inflated executives, is part of a show at Looking Glass. The silvery plastic film houses the bodies and heads of three people at a time for an intimate meeting in the shared chamber. This triangular starfish evolved out of the experiments of Linda Karlsson. Her inflated costumes started to swallow-up more and more people, duos and eventually trios.

She builds and presents it together with the FoAM team for trios from the audience to form different constellations for meeting in this contraption. Next to this a selection of beverages was available from containers within the exhibition space via translucent tubes carrying it across the boundary of glass to the outside world of the Rue Dansaert. Along this street pass some eccentric people, but just wait until you hang some tubes from the front of a building for people to suck various liquids and you will truly meet some outlandish individuals.