f0amfr0th01: Litha

2003-07-21 07:01 Europe/Brussels

"There is no night in my land.... it is forever summer's twilight" -- Lady Titania

litha. summer solstice, midsummer night, all-couples night, night of magick, time to speak with the faeries, sprites and the little people. to speak of possible worlds, dreams, fortuity and slowness... through atmospheric sound, translucent visuals, juicy foods and creamy drinks. FoAM invites you to bring your own mid-summer-night-dreams, recorded in any medium available (sound, visuals, foods, clothing, text, presence, movement...). We'll stretch reality to accommodate most uncanny worlds, as long as they are teeming with life.

"lord, what fools these mortals be" -- Puck