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WEAR ME, txOom presentation, Future Physical Network Exchange, 05 - 08 December 2002, Norwich, UK

txOom, responsive environment, 30 November - 08 December 2002, Great Yarmouth, UK

txOom public education project, txOom audience research, 25-29 November 2002, Great Yarmouth, UK

txOom process lab, txOom professional development workshop, 22-23 November 2002, Great Yarmouth, UK

w-orms, Oorsmeer Festival, 03 November 2002, Brugge, Belgium [images]

Glue: case studies on how things stick, panel presentations, ISEA, 27-31 October 2002, Nagoya, Japan [stuff]

[ Alive Textiles ], txOom public workshop, 11-16 October 2002, Norwich, UK

Free your Mind and Your Wardrobe will follow, lecture for symposium Lookalike Live: Barbie, Lolita en Lara, 11October 2002, NFI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

|yt_A. Remote Touch Generator. Version 0.5, MUKHA, 01-07 October 2002, Antwerp, Belgium

p~lot, txOom public workshop, 15-22 September 2002, Groznjan, Croatia

zeiljurk, by Cocky Eek, Open Haven Festival, 16-18 August 2002, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FoAM: on growth and form., media mediterranea 4- festival of expressive culture, 12-18 August 2002 Pula, Croatia

wings 03, by Cocky Eek, Oerol Festival, 23 June 2002, Terschelling, the Netherlands

ultroneous ubiquitous unsinew u, Interface theory, culture and design, 13 June 2002, Universiteit van Utrecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Aloni, by Sia Kyriakakos, State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki in conjunction with the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, 06 June - Greece

TransCodecExpress, TransCodecExpress, 06 June 2002, OK Centrum, Linz, Austria + Internet

wings 02, by Cocky Eek, Vliegercircus, 17-20 May 2002, Ijmuiden aan Zee, the Netherlands

weedy sociality | distributed wilderness, Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing, 16-20 May 2002, Seattle, USA

Les Friandises Digitales, Dak'Art 2002, Dakar African Art Biennial, 13 May 2002, Dakar, Senegal

on slipping between cracks and the growing of worlds in them. Digital Media Lecture Series, 13 May 2002, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

slip/stick. an excercise tightrope balancing above the sludge of creative practices
, lecture for the Critical Upgrade, Reality Check for Cyber Utopias 04-05 May 2002, Zagreb, Croatia

tx0om, Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane 2002, 19-27 April 2002, Torino, Italy

inleiding in het groeien van werelden, We meet no Stranger but Ourself, 27 March 2002, Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Introduction to Advanced Error Engineering , Glitch Festival and Symposium, January 2002, Oslo, Norway