Lyt_A is an installation, an instrument and a translation medium in one. It is a mechatronic, semi-flexible structure that can transmit haptic information on a distance: when the structure is touched on one site, the touch will be visible and touchable on another.

Touch, the most intimate of our five senses is often used as a reality-check; what I can touch is real. Touch is an ultimately interactive communication medium: the one who touches is being touched as well... The installation has two identical, but mirrored parts that are placed far away from each other. Placing the two structures in distant locations encourages the visitors to play with each other by manipulating the structures with their hands and bodies, learning about each-other's shapes through touch. The visitors' touches remain as shape-traces in the memory of the installation. In the moments of low activity, the installation brings the traces back to the surface of the structures.

Lyt_A was developed for Phaeno, the Science Centre in Wolfsburg, Germany.