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starter organism, Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , (2002)
Web Article
Fashion Ecologies, Maja Kuzmanovic , (2004)
Conference Paper
Cursory Speculations on HPI , Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , ISEA 2008, Singapore, (2008)
groWorld HPI, Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , Mutamorphosis, 08/11/2007, Prague, (2007)
Structured Growth and Grown Structures, Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , Subtle Technologies, 01/06/2006, Toronto, (2006)
Exercises in Colloquial Luminescence, Maja Kuzmanovic , ISEA 2004, Tallinn, (2004)
Introduction to advanced error engineering, Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , Glitch Symposium, 11/01/2002, Oslo, (2002)
Weedy Sociality | Distributed Wilderness , Maja Kuzmanovic; Xin Wei Sha , Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (DIAC), 16/05/2002, Seattle, (2002)
groWorld initiative, Maja Kuzmanovic , SEAFair, 16/06/2001, Skopje, (2001)
Multiplex translations | Entangled aphasia, Nik Gaffney; Maja Kuzmanovic , International Conference on Media Futures, 08/05/2001, Florence, (2001)
Performing Publicly in Responsive Space, Xin Wei Sha; Maja Kuzmanovic , Citizenship and culture in the 21st century, Vienna, (2001)
Sensual communication in hybrid reality, Maja Kuzmanovic , Consciousness Reframed III, Newport, (2001)
Digital art and the glitch, Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney; Belinda Barnet , Digital arts and culture, Bergen, (2000)
From Representation to Performance, Maja Kuzmanovic; Xin Wei Sha , Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (DIAC), Seattle, (2000) Abstract
T-Garden, Xin Wei Sha; Christopher Salter; Maja Kuzmanovic et al , SIGGraph, New Orleans, (2000) Abstract
Journal Article
Human-Scale Systems in Responsive Environments., Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , IEEE Multimedia, Volume 12, Issue 1, p.6, (2005)
Book Chapter
Transient patchiness: the slippery territories of groWorld, Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , Art in the Biotech Era, Adelaide, (2008)
Open-ended processes, open space technologies and open laboratories., Maja Kuzmanovic; Nik Gaffney , Coding Cultures, Sydney, (2007)
Formalising Operational Adaptive Methodologies, or Growing Stories within Stories, Maja Kuzmanovic , A guide to good practice in collaborative working methods and new media tools creation, (2002)