SutChwon (or Subject to Change without notice) is a continuous inquiry into software protocols and systems for remote collaboration, design and performance. It is a supporting initiative that develops through, with and as a part of other FoAM activities.

In the increasing number of trans-local collaborative projects, much of the design, development and distribution tasks are communicated through local and global networks. These networks consist of a variety of systems or entities and of interfaces which allow these systems to communicate to the human-readable reality. The problems typically arise when the separate entities (such as devices, systems, protocols and data-formats) attempt communicating to each other and communicating with humans about what exactly has gone wrong and what they do not understand.

With SutChwon, we scavenge technologies and build frameworks for the construction of flexible systems for communicating, collaborating and creating from a distance. These systems act as interconnecting layers between several autonomous computational entities and should allow a smoother communication between platforms, protocols, data-formats and interfaces. In the future, these systems should improve their ability to adapt to new and unknown computational environments and unpredictable situations.

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"…the ubiquitous Qfwfq, is emblematic of unity amidst the heteroglossic variety of possibilities offered by expanded degrees of perception made possible by scientific devices. In one story, Qfwfq is a dinosaur, but in other stories he is also a fish, a small mammal, a subatomic particle eternally plummeting through the void. Qfwfqs constantly shifting position in the universe, despite his consistent first-person narration, suggests the extent to which his form accommodates his point of view.

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200608 Research gathering with zzx and pix

2006-08-18 12:00 Europe/Brussels
2006-08-18 18:00 Europe/Brussels

Research gathering on visual programming and real-time audiovisual systems.


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Multiplex translations | Entangled aphasia

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Conference Paper


International Conference on Media Futures, Florence (2001)

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Tale of Tales: Visual programming for artists

How do artists want to create software? What environments already exist? What new directions are needed?

Tale of Tales will explore these questions in a dedicated workshop.

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