Exercises in Colloquial Luminescence

'The first corporeal form which some call corporeity is in my opinion light.' -Robert Grosseteste

Illumine explores the relationship between light, luminescence and communication. Subtle ambient changes of illumination that can extend gestures, make invisible visible and respond to weather patterns. How can we play light as a musical instrument? Can we use light to make our bodies lighter, even weightless? Can we extend our gestures and paint with light while dancing? What can we learn from bioluminescent organisms, to design our environments more life-like?

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'Sound Modulated Light #1' by Edwin van der Heide

2003-06-05 09:43 Europe/Brussels

'Sound Modulated Light #1' is environment of light and sound. The sound is not present acoustically but is radiated by the lights. The light sources are the carriers for the sound. The space consists of a design of multiple lights. Every light source has a double role. It's part of the light design and part of the sound design. The sound is modulated on top of the light by means of intensity modulation. The lights are flickering but mostly with a speed which not perceivable with the eye.

ebb and flow of stubborn matter

2003-09-02 19:30 Europe/Brussels

Residency of Isabel Rocamora and Camila Valenzuela

A public experiment exploring the convergences of (anti)-gravity performance, movement and media.

'The first corporeal form which some call corporeity is in my opinion light.' - Robert Grosseteste, 'On light or the beginning of forms'

syncop tic structure

2003-09-21 09:48 Europe/Brussels
2003-09-23 09:48 Europe/Brussels

Excercise 02: syncop tic structure

surface dialogue

2003-12-05 09:51 Europe/Brussels
2003-12-11 09:51 Europe/Brussels

Rachel Wingfield creates reactive, luminous surfaces and objects through the use of new technologies enabling familiar products to take on a new dimension.

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Exercises in Colloquial Luminescence

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