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evolve: Minutiae, exhibition of Catherine Walting on evolution of micro organisms on microscopic and holographic media, 18-21 December 2003, /foam/tmp/ on Kanaal 20, Brussels, Belgium

f0amfr0th04: KREV de-auguration of the Temporary Embassy 13 December 2003, /foam/tmp/ on Kanaal 20, Brussels, Belgium

illumine: Surface Dialogue, exhibition of Rachel Wingfield on responsive luminescent surfaces 05-11 December 2003, /foam/tmp/ on Kanaal 20, Brussels, Belgium

p~lot, media installation and presentation of the workshop results, 14-22 November 2003, /foam/tmp/ on Kanaal 20, Brussels, Belgium

p~lot,performance and installation for the Levelup GameFest, 5 November 2003, Tivoli, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Code 31. Code Communications Camp, open studio, 24 October 2003, /foam/tmp/ on Kanaal 20, Brussels, Belgium

illumine: Sound Modulated Light #1, media installation by Edwin v/d Heide, 17 October -02 November 2003, /foam/tmp/ on Kanaal 20, Brussels, Belgium

txOom, DVD Launch and presentation of the project, 03 October 2003, De Waag, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

f0amf0od: Blanc-Mange Cinema, marathon screening and performance at the FoAM lab, 27 September 2003, Brussels, Belgium

illumine: Syncop_tic Structure, responsive environment by Karmen Franinovic (Interaction Design Institute, IVREA) and Yon Vissel (FoAM) at the FoAM lab, 21-24 September 2003, Brussels, Belgium

illumine, presentation of the residency of Isabel Rocamora and Camila Valenzuela, 02 September, FoAM Lab, Brussels, Belgium

f0amfr0th03: surface tension, rooftop party celebrating inflatable matter, 23 August, FoAM Lab Brussels, Belgium

Imagine Interface, workshop organised by FoAM/Looking Glass/De Waag, 18-21 July 2003, Brussels, Belgium

f0amfr0th02: Interfaces Imagined, symposium and aperitivo at the FoAM lab, 19 July 2003, Brussels, Belgium

Digestible Media: A Cooking Class in Interdisciplinary Strategies., 29 June 2003. KUDA, Novi Sad, Vojvodina (Serbia)

Rambling Responses: The Artist, The User, The Environment and Their Problems., 28 June 2003. KUDA, Novi Sad, Vojvodina (Serbia)

f0amfr0th01: litha | midsummer night feast, 21 June 2003, FoAM, Brussels, Belgium

Luchtschip, Theater aan zee, 23-25 May 2003, Ijmuiden, the Netherlands

Beauty of Collaboration summit, 21-22 May 2003, Banff, Canada

Presentation p~lot and txOom. Appendix 2 - diffusion and its topology., 17 May 2003, Media Art Farm, Tbilisi, Georgia.

presentation of the txOom user research at User_mode, 9-11 May 2003, Tate Modern, London, UK

txOom: de c o m pr e s s i o n, final presentation of the txOom project - a symposium, publication launch, documentation exhibit and a final party featuring the Australian Synaesthesia Records and many others, 11/12 April 2003, Brussels, Belgium

txOom user research, presentation of the user research results on the Future Physical RESPOND network exchange, 6 April 2003, Cambridge, UK

Swings on a Bungee Cord: Proposals for an Elastic Methodology for user Research in Responsive Environments, lecture for Digifest, 29 March 2003, Toronto, Canada

FoAM: New Public Contexts?, presentation at the Society for Arts and Technology, 25 March 2003, Montreal, Canada

txOom: Data Ecology, public workshop as a part of the txOom project by Time's Up, 27 - 29 March 2003, Time's Up, Linz, Austria

Data Quilting, lecture and concept for program at Dutch Electronic Art Festival, 2 March 2003, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

txOom: A Balanced Act, experiment as a part of the txOom project by Time's Up, 28 February - 8 March 2003, KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia

formant of apparent morphology, history, present and future of FoAM activities, dorkbot, 22 February 2003, Ghent, Belgium

embriology of evolving spaces, short presentation on the Genderdemicratisch Labyrinth, 14 February 2003, Maastricht, The Netherlands [stuff]

Bubbles of Knowledge or Empty Balloons: Dips into thin Air, Opening Week Jan van Eyck Academy, 12 January 2002, Maastricht, The Netherlands