Splinterfields : re/touches

2010-12-17 14:00 Europe/Brussels
2010-12-19 00:00 Europe/Brussels

workshop organised by Constant

In the weekend of the 17th-19th of December we will look at the act of repairing. We focus on textile and clothing, looking how something is woven, stitched together, consisting of threads and layers, and how these structures break, wear and tear with a body inside.

The Friday afternoon from 14 to 17h Abla who works as a volunteer in the Vaartkapoen repair and retouche atelier (http://www.vaartkapoen.be/socecnaai.htm) will show us the work they do. She will also show a technique for repairing.

In the weekend we will alternate looking at this wear and tear, share stories, exhibit images... If you want to enroll and for more details on this programme
please contact: wendy [attt] constantvzw.org

Repairing requires an understanding of the item you want to work on. How far would you go in repairing coveted item of clothing? What parts of clothes are fragile? Where does an item of clothing wear and tear? what are fragile points? What is the relationship with your body and your activity?

Repairing prolongs the life of a manufactured item, something not really stimulated in these times of fast consumption. This workshop is meant to let us learn repairing techniques from each other coming together is a way of transmitting knowledge. Techniques which were previously more taught in a family context, because clothes were rare thus making them precious because. We would like to talk about this subject and work together. Bring your favourite reparations How did you learn to repair? Do you have favourite methods? Did you learn specific techniques for particular items of clothing?



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