In FoAM's studio in Brussels, we collect books, media and materials related to our activites and interests. In our multi-sensory library, visitors may read, view, listen and touch snippets of the culture that FoAM's collaborators cherish. The most traditional part of the library is our hard-copy section including books, magazines, zines and pamphlets. It is an eclectic collection of scientific and philosophical texts, artistic anthologies, richly illustrated design books, software manuals and recipe collections, futuristic science-fiction, or even obscure facsimilies of alchemical manuscripts and botanical guides.

Having worked in the new media field over the years, we have collected a small selection of contemporary digital audiovisual works – DVDs, CDs (and even a few CD-ROMs), containing experimental films, abstract computer-graphics, compositions, electronic and computer music, generative animation, artistic portfolios and other curiosa.

Our latest addition to the library is a rarity cabinet of material samples – textiles, plastics, composites, active materials, etc. Visitors can browse through the samples, or through books about new materials, as well as consult manufacturers' brochures. This materials library is the only one in Belgium freely accessible to artists and designers seeking inspiration and information in this domain. The library and it's adjacent working space offers a place for concentrated work, providing researchers a much needed break from fast-paced professional life. It is accessible by appointment only, one person or small group at the time, allowing visitors to concetrate on their studies, without distractions.

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