LG - Time's Up

2008-10-23 09:00 GMT+2
2008-10-25 23:00 GMT+2

A Luminous Green satellite event, organised by Time's Up and the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators:

Dates: 23rd | 24th | 25th October 2008

Luminous Green is an attempt to become more aware of our own ecological and human responsibilities. A moment’s pause, deceleration and self-reflection are a common core.

Within the workshop in Linz Time's Up would like to establish a widely self- sufficient environment and talk about aspects concerning new social- political models. Activists, manufacturers and researchers will work on small communal structures, outline their ideas with regard to environmentally friendly usage of future worlds and encourage boundary transcending confrontations and debates.

More information: http://timesup.org/laboratory/LuminousGreen/LG_details.html

* Foam: Grow your own worlds - http://fo.am
* Andreas Strauss: Build your own jacuzzi - http://andreasstrauss.com
* Folke Köbberling: City as resource - http://www.folkekoebberling.de
* Christian Siefkes: Peer economy - http://www.siefkes.net
* Paul Schausberger: Filtering water - http://economyaustria.at/Text/?id=2889840

Tinkering on:
* a water pump
* different types of ovens & jacuzzis
* water filters
* open resource walk and creation of an environment based on it
* ...


* For registration and any inquiries please contact workshop [at] timesup [dot] org

* There is no participation fee in order to encourage independent researchers and practitioners to attend.

* Time's Up will provide subsistence for people that register until Wednesday 22nd October.