AIA lecture Betwixt Realities

2010-04-19 18:30 Europe/London
2010-04-19 20:30 Europe/London

As a part of the Spring Lecture Series of the American Institute of Architects, Maja Kuzmanovic is invited by Anna-Maria Orru to give a lecture about FoAM's work in the field of sustainability and ecologically inspired creative practices.

The aim of this lecture series is to expose architects and designers to the field of multi-disciplinary sustainable practice through innovative thinking and solutions to our environmental and social challenges. What makes 2010 particularly appropriate for this topic is that there is a heightened necessity towards sustainable design and ecological responsibility post the recent COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The lecture series is organised by Anna Maria Orru, creator of SCENE - thinking, whose aim is to bring together various disciplines around all the innovation on sustainability and systems thinking.