Research Gathering with Simone Poutnik

2011-08-11 19:00 Europe/Brussels
2011-08-11 21:00 Europe/Brussels

Simone is a journeyer of the Resilients Guild. Last year in October / November she spent 7 weeks at Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe - a place whose mission is to inspire the co-creation of strong life affirming communities in Zimbabwe and beyond by demonstrating and sharing the necessary ideas, skills and practices that are required for community resilience and nourishment.

Kufunda has achieved resilience in a time of total systems collapse by choosing a particular approach. They engage in a wide range of small local actions that give them the capacity to continuously adapt to an unpredictable and chaotic world.
Simone will share pictures, stories and artifacts to give a taste of the rich learning she took from Kufunda.

Some background info for the curious:
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