Research Gathering with Kiran Gangadharan - Decode

2011-03-04 18:00 Europe/Brussels
2011-03-04 20:00 Europe/Brussels

During this research gathering Kiran Gangadharan -who has an engineering and design background- will present a round-up of Project Decode. The gathering covers an outline of the project’s main goals and research approach through various studies, conceptual design and iterations and the collaboration with dancers and artists.

Kiran started his residency at FoAM on January 1st, 2011, continuing his research on 'growth'. The new node in his ongoing research is "Movementors", in which he relates to growth and form through the metaphor of movement.

Movementors functions as a question of science, engineering and design perspective where mathematical expressions from plants are decoded. It explores the world of spiral dynamics where the spirograph -an old school instrument- leads the inspiration. He relates growth of plants with an unseen mystery of movement: movement as a performance in itself. The comparison of the complex situations from static/dynamic, organic/inorganic, form/function, observer/observed and self/other brings new aesthetics to movement and transforms the space in itself. Two specific topics are explored in detail: generative growth of Spirograph mirrored in dance movements and the three dimensional Spiral movements.

The presentation will conclude with a light Indian (Kerala) Feast.

More on Kiran Ganghadaran's residency -

This residency is part of FoAm's Asia-Europe exchange program.

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